Zend Framework

Zend Framework is a web application framework administered in PHP5. The web application is open source and object-oriented. The framework is made of high-end PHP packages. The main purpose of Zend Framework is to ease out web development while creating Web 2.0 applications and various web services. The framework and its distribution are under the new BSD license. Digihashtag is a one-stop shop for product development and transformation. It provides to client various digital technology solutions and Zend framework is one of them. Whether you’re starting a new project or making amends in a new one, Digihashtag helps you with the Zend Framework to make an informed decision.


Key Features


    Zend Framework being an object-oriented framework implements various ideas like interfaces and inheritance which are all object-oriented. In turn, a large proportion of ZF’s concepts become extendable to a certain limit. This gives developers the leverage to apply their own variations of every single component without the need to hack the ZF codebase. By customizing, not only do you create functionality that is exclusive to your work but also uses the functionality in different products as it is object-oriented.


    When it comes to Zend Framework, everything is related to an object. This has its own advantages and disadvantages. It complicates the code a little bit but the main advantage is that is code is completely reusable. This gives little or no room for repetition. This is one of the main reasons why Digihashtag coerces you to use it


    Zend Framework is actually a bunch of classes. In order to design a full-fledged ZF project, one will use the MVC components. In other cases, all the components need not be loaded, one can just load the components needed. Instead of making use of all components, only the ones required can be used as single libraries. This makes the project more speedy and efficient, which we want for our clients.


    One of the best advantages of Zend Framework that we make use of is that it lets you perform a lot of functions by downloading a full package of Zend Framework operations. No matter what function you need to execute, authenticate a user, have to control the access to resources, create forms, you can use different components like Zend_Auth, Zend_form, etc.


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