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When it comes to entertainment, YouTube has always been a pioneer- however, in recent times, it’s also emerging as one of the top platforms for marketers worldwide for brand development. The reason for this is not tough to crack- after all, about 1/3rd of the total online time spent by users is spent watching videos. YouTube in particular has more than a billion users, and is so accessible and omnipresent that it can be viewed in more than 76 languages. It is also the second largest search engine and can thus feed greatly into your SEO campaigns.

Here are some strategies and ways you can employ YouTube marketing to generate leads and market your products and services:

There are two types of YouTube ads:

  1. Video Discovery ads appear on the YouTube homepage after a user searches for something. They also appear as related videos when a user is watching a YouTube video. As soon as a user clicks on this ad, they are directed to and start watching the video advertising your brand.
  2. In-stream Ads are ads that play within (mostly at the starting of) a YouTube video. Normally, a user can skip the ad after 5 seconds, but sometimes an ad can appear mid-way a video and last for almost 10 minutes.

Creating a Branded YouTube Channel

Rather than uploading videos and creating content from your personal YouTube account, you should establish a specialised store channel which represents your business. The display picture should be your logo, and even the banner should reflect your company name. You can create playlists about different aspects of your content and products- may it be products reviews, tutorials, product launch videos, or even just general trivia about your store. This will make it easy for users to look for products they are interested in buying, and also extend your web presence into a more organised and professional setting. After all, according to a report published by MultiVisionDigital, there is a 64% higher chance of a user buying a product after watching a product video.

  • Using Analytics : One of the primary benefits of using YouTube is the extensive data and breakdown which the platform provides for each of your videos. Beyond just looking at the total number of views, learn to read the data and analyse it to determine exactly what is working and what isn’t. Go through the numbers of your sources of traffic, utilise the Audience Retention feature to see how many viewers are actually finishing watching your video (and if they’re not, at which point they’re stopping the video), and study the demographics of your audience and how you need to cater to them.
  • Using Annotations : Annotations are features that enable you to insert texts or links over your video during its duration. These can greatly increase user engagement, and also make your videos much more appealing to watch. Most importantly, you can link your products during a video so that if the customer is interested, they can directly go and buy it. However, be careful not to use too many annotations as they can clutter your video and make it confusing to watch.
  • Consistency : Perhaps the most important aspect of marketing on YouTube is being consistent with your content creation. If you have random bouts of complete absence from the platform, then you are likely to lose a majority of your subscribers. Ideally, you should post a video at least once every 2 weeks (which you can stretch to once a month at most). Your brand needs to constantly grow, and that will not happen if your channel becomes stagnant.


The bottom line is, the best way to attract customers and build a following which helps you develop your brand is to create compelling, stimulating content. YouTube is one of the biggest giants on the internet, and it’s time for you to employ it to reach out to an untapped consumer base!

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