Why A Business Need E-Commerce Website ?

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Retailers and brands all over the world have now expanded into e-commerce counterparts. In all probability, if you are a retailer, then most of your competitors have already joined the online crusade of e-commerce platforms. Is it still safe to stick to the old methods of buying and selling- or has the time come for you, too, to adapt to the changing times and invest in an e-commerce website? Here are some reasons why you should definitely think about creating your virtual store.

Reach a Global Market

The internet is the only medium which you can use to bridge differences of location, time and accessibility in order to truly make your products available to anyone, anywhere. Opposed to an offline store, which is limited by working hours, a particular neighborhood or town, and a limited clientele, an e-commerce website grants you the freedom to be available 24×7 to a global market. After all, studies show that 80% of the web population has made a purchase online- why not buy into a target group that is already spending?


Customers the world over are opting for online shopping services over their offline counterparts. With giants like Amazon and Flipkart operating in the market, we have seen a steady decline in customers visiting actual stores to buy what they need. After all, if they can receive what they want sitting at home, at their doorstep, why would they make the effort to visit a physical store? The ease, efficiency and reliability of online stores has been proven time and again, and it’s time to jump the bandwagon when it comes to expanding your business to e-commerce.

Cost Efficiency

The overheads and costs of establishing your virtual store are considerably lesser than a physical store. The costs of renting a shop, insurance, employee salaries and bonuses, utility bills and other collateral expenses are all negated in an online store. You as an entrepreneur can run your business efficiently, maximise profits and spend your capital only on things which really matter.

Advantage of Search Engines

Your location and accessibility in the real world is no longer a cause for concern- rather, your visibility online via search engines is what will make or break your brand. Your skills to manipulate your rank in search engines will directly determine how noticeable your business is. A customer who may not ever have heard of your store in real life, has a good chance of stumbling across it online while looking for similar products. An E-commerce website grants you a platform to reach out to customers and become an option which they can opt for.

Online Marketing

Social Media and Digital marketing is the present and future of marketing in today’s day and age- and the best way to capitalise on is by having a virtual product to sell. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and paid digital marketing options like Carousel Ads and Google Adwords have made it possible for you to directly market your virtual store to your customers. You can build up your customers’ trust with ratings, reviews and testimonials. You can also regularly market new products so that with a simple click, your customers can immediately buy the product (an immediacy which is postponed when it comes to offline stores).


Having an e-commerce store presents you with the ability to increase your conversion rate many times over. Every brand needs to adapt with the times, and for now, the calling is for an online virtual store which presents convenience to your customers seamlessly.

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