Visual Search: The Emergence and Breakthrough

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Did you know that 90% of all the data received by the human brain is purely visual? Since the human mind relies so heavily on visual information, it was only a matter of time before visual search would become a breakthrough. In a sense, visual search is a natural evolution for humankind in the field of technology. Since the search industry has developed gracefully over the past decade, trying to make the user experienced more personalized and suitable, visual search is now one of the much-needed improvements.

The Genesis of Visual Search

Visual search simply is image search. It is the process through which a computer or engine takes an image and performs the search. This type of technology is more complex. The search engines are constantly being improved to provide more accurate and reliable results. It is a method which is time-saving and most important, very convenient. In this regard, it becomes highly optimal for e-commerce industries.

The CEO of Pinterest said, “The future of search will be about pictures rather than keywords.” This is exactly what is happening. There are over 600 million visual searches on Pinterest alone, and that too every month. Overall on Google, there are 19% of image search queries. It is a rapidly growing and increasing efficient tool.

Visual search, at the crux, when given an image, identifies other related objects to it and then searches for images related to those objects. The technology at present facilitates such searches by identifying multiple shapes an outlines, which allows the engine to match the image. In this regard, companies benefit heavily from such techniques. Google, for example, gains an incredible advantage with the amount of image data searched.

Visual Search Breakthrough: Advantages for E-Commerce Industries

  1. Building Image Search: Brands can build image search into their web inventory. Pinterest, leads this arena. In Pinterest, one can very conveniently search through an image, which is also extremely user compatible on their app and web pages. Currently, only about 8% of online brands use this feature.
  2. Organic Image Visibility: Schema markup and metadata can be utilized for SEO in visual search. Since visual search decreases the necessity of text, this becomes crucial. Additionally, metadata allows one to regulate the online traffic on the website, as well as on specific products. This is surely one of the tech-savvy ways to gain aid from visual searches.
  3. Pinterest for Help: Since the majority of the visual search already takes place on Pinterest, what is better than to advertise there? It is a highly popular website and brands are surely to be noticed there. It has enormous market impact, along with the highly skilled search engine, together helping to provide more accurate results related to a brand. This is especially important for brands trying to hit their target audience. There is no age group which does not search on Pinterest so, considering the exposure the brand can get, this is definitely an option to try out! 
  4. Sitemaps: Another method can be to submit images on sitemaps. It is crucial to have images related to your brand displayed with good quality and free from visual interferences. Brands can optimize the image, regulate the size, file type, etc. with properly chosen titles. Moreover, brands can add information on images to the Sitemaps which are already in use.
  5. Shoppers Delight: One of the most important advantages of visual search is that it saves time and closes the sales. Since human brains process visual images far quickly than text, this can be taken as an advantage especially for brands who sell merchandize. Visitors who are shopping online can easily identity the product and shop, before running into web traffic. It presents the consumers with the desired products “at the door front”, and if your brand can be one of their top searches, there is no stopping there. 
  6. The link between online and offline Chatbots: With visual searches, customers can find a link between spotting desirable items in real life, and then finding them online, and purchasing. It thoroughly increases efficiency and can be utilized to boost brand visibility.

Future of Visual Search: The future of visual search is full of glory. There are several efficient advancements which can be expected. Increased integration with chatbots, combining text and image, broader visual search, and just a wholesome improvement in technology overall will increase the accuracy and necessity for image searches. As visual searches emerge at a time of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it is a revolution in technology waiting to take place.