Unique Ways To Use Visuals In Marketing

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Marketing is based on visuals, and how your audience sees you. There are hundreds of playbooks out there on how to grab the attention of your audience, promote your products, and just be seen. However, there has been in recent times a certain saturation with the run-of-the-mill styles of marketing- may it be videos, blogs, emails, or even print and film advertising. So what are some unique, cutting edge visuals which you can now incorporate into your marketing strategy? Let’s find out…


Gifs are one of the most popular online trends on social media. They are shared easily, instantly, are most extensive than images yet have the same power of videos. Even though they are mostly used as memes, or in the entertainment industry, gifs can be used by marketers to make their marketing content more relevant and exciting. Gify, the most popular gif platform, serves a whopping 1 billion gifs every day! It is time to buy into this trend and use it to your advantage.


Emojis are common, and some might even say overused. Bitmojis, on the other hand, are unique visuals that have not yet been commonly used by marketers. Bitmojis allow you to create unique emojis which you can use to express your brand individuality. Made popular by Snapchat, these dynamic visuals can be used to instantly connect with a particular target group (especially a young one) and tell a complete story.


A cinemagraph is a visual in which only a particular part of an image moves, while everything else remains stationary. These visuals are highly fascinating, and can be used in creative ways to deliver a minimalistic, yet extremely impactful, message. They are extremely niche as of yet, and so are guaranteed to make any user stop and pay attention to what you are trying to say.

Negative Space

Even though negative space has been used by advertisers and marketers for a long time now, it has not been used too many times as not many people are able to do justice to the concept. Artists love playing with negative space, and the power of it can be harnessed by marketers to deliver powerful brand messages. Rather than focusing on what is there, focus on what isn’t- and create marketing content which is breathtaking.

Multi Visual Infographs

Infographs are quite popular, and a common component of content marketing for hundreds of businesses online. However, a way to give a unique spin to infographs would be to incorporate different types of media into it. Other than just images and text, you can also add things like animations or gifs to make your infograph even more engaging. Creating informative visuals which are so engaging and dynamic are bound to increase your organic traffic manifold.

Try all of these styles out, and see which gains you the maximum traction. Even though you are doing this for marketing and hope to gain some returns on these creatives, don’t forget to have fun!

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