The Top 10 Best Selling Online Products Of 2019

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The online retail market is a forever-changing, rapidly advancing force which entails multiple facets within itself. If you too are looking to start an ecommerce business, then a simple question might haunt you- which products should you sell online? Well, we are here to help you.

Here is a list of the top 10 best selling online products of 2019.

1. Jewellery : The jewellery business has largely moved online from offline, and a simple reason for this would be that more and more people are option to buy minimalist, faux jewellery pieces which come much cheaper and look the same as authentic ones.

2. Cosmetics : From eyeshadow palettes to nail polishes, manicure kits, and eyebrow products- cosmetics are largely bought online by women. The cosmetics business is available on ecommerce platforms very comprehensively, which is why most people just opt to do their shopping online.

3. Running Shoes : Comfortable, breathable running shoes have seen a great spike in their rate of online purchases. This is perhaps because of the huge amounts of discount rates that are offered on them year round.

4. Pet Grooming Products : From shampoos to hair brushes, pet grooming products are extremely popular for online purchases. The reason for this is a dearth of such stores and services present on ground and in marketplaces, while the online market provides a large variety of products.

5. Cameras and Drones : May it be a CCTV surveillance camera, or a high-functioning drone camera- such products are sold by several vendors online. When it comes to technological products, these are the number one selling products.

6. Health Products : Products like thermometers and posture correctors are bought largely online. Especially during weather changes and the colder months, there is a huge spike in the online sales of health products like these.

7. Smartwatches : May it be Samsung or Apple, smartwatches are bought almost always online. A reason for this is the huge amounts of discounts which are offered on them during sale seasons. More than phones, smartwatches are bought online.

8. Shape-wear : Women’s shape-wear is a huge seller online. There is a large variety of these garments available online, all which are catered for different ages and body types. Shape-wear has emerged as a big product seller in the ecommerce sector.

9. Home appliances : May it be dish racks or a garden hose, objects for home are one of the top sellers when it comes to ecommerce. It is because of the general usability of these products, and how they are appealing to almost all customers no matter their gender or socio-economic background.

10. Baby Products : Baby carriers, diapers, powders- the list goes on. For parents who have a new born baby, running to the supermarket every time they require something can prove to be quite a hassle.This is why baby products are a bestseller online, as they provide a lot of convenience and cost efficiency.

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