The Best Social Media Strategies to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

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Digital marketing is indubitably the need of the hour. The right content and brand development on social media is considered to either make or break your business. However, in a world inundated with social media accounts and competitors, what can you do to stand out? For an E-commerce in particular, the right social media game plan can go a long way in increasing traffic and authentic lead generation. Here are a few strategies which can pave the way to having a well-managed and efficient social media presence:

Consistency in publishing content

In order to hold your customers’ attention and grow your social media following over time, it is extremely vital to be regular in sharing relevant, engaging content. Look into how often studies show you should post in a particular social media channel, and strictly publish content accordingly and maintain your online presence.

The game of Hashtags

Rather than having a barrage of hashtags accompanying every post, strive to build your brand using hashtags that are relevant and meaningful. You can use tools like Hootsuite and Hashtagify which can help you target the right hashtags and follow up on multiple leads using them. In case of particular campaigns or events, be sure to curate a memorable and catchy hashtag to accompany your promotions.


Infographics are great not only for having better user experience on your social media and attracting customers, but also for SEO and building traffic. Furthermore, since there is comparatively a lesser inundation of infographics online compared to text based blogs, there is a higher chance of other websites or social media accounts linking your infographic to their content. Thus, this will increase your site traffic manifold.

Creating quizzes, polls and other interactive content

Quizzes and polls not only pull your audience in and actually make them interact with your account and presence, but may be beneficial in promotions as well. By creating shareable quizzes or polls, your audience will share posts curated by you on their individual social media accounts- something which links back to your website or platform, and in turn attracts more customers to take that same quiz.

Enabling shopping on Instagram

By enabling shopping on Instagram, you can directly link your products to your social media presence. You increase ease of shopping for your customers, and while scrolling through their Instagram, they can simply click on a product which has caught their fancy and instantly buy it. This linking to your social media is direct and can prove to be very powerful.


Running an influencer campaign is something which needs to be done right. Rather than picking arbitrary influencers on the basis of their following, it is imperative to pick someone who has a brand with the same value as yours. Their audience should be in common with your target audience, so that when they promote your product, it is not wasted on thousands of people who do not care about that industry or type of merchandise- rather, by ensuring that you target a select people who will definitely be interested in your products, you drive up guaranteed sales and run a successful influencer campaign