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What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a process which involves bringing customers under target who have already viewed something on a site and have shown particular interest in a product. It is a medium through which customers are made to re-engage with brand.

Why do we need remarketing?

A remarketing program helps to track certain pages when you are on a particular website. Supposedly, many brands track their shopping cart pages in order to target those who tend to abandon their shopping carts. Once the target is identified, display of advertisements occur automatically where the promotion of those products take place which have already been viewed by the customer, previously. In this way, the relevance of products, the customers already viewed, proliferates to a certain degree, maintaining the interest of the customer.

A statistical report put forth by CMO has mentioned that, it is a wrong notion that customers are agitated by the advertisements cropping up regarding the products they had viewed previously. Instead, it has been found that many customers, in fact, the majority, actually appreciate the popping up of ads as they serve as reminder of products in which the interest of the customer centres. These ads, eventually, fires up their interest, more than the ads on a standard level could ever do.

This draws us towards the conclusion as to why remarketing is such an effective marketing strategy.

The different kinds of Remarketing:

There are different ways employed by brands to re-engage with their customers online. Professionals need to understand these different options in order to understand what is remarketing.

Display of ad to people who have visited your site

This happens to be one of the most mainstream kind of marketing i.e. displaying advertisement to people who have visited your site already.  These ads might appear on two platforms.

Setting up a remarketing campaign through Google Adwords will make their ads appear throughout the Google display network. Google Adwords happens to be the largest platform on PPC which makes it an excellent means to reach millions of people world-wide.

This display of ads could also be set up on various types of social medias namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that the customer can come across them while scrolling and can take relevant interest in the product. Facebook is the most widely used when put  in comparison to the other social networking sites. Hence, it serves as the largest platform for remarketing & retargeting customers with ease.

Email Remarketing

Email remarketing happens to be a bit confined i.e. does not have such broader outline unlike the previous one. Email remarketing practices retargeting people on your email list,  who reside elsewhere in the digital ecosystem. This is to create ad campaigns for those who open emails.

Remarketing list search ads

You can make display of your ads on various search engines alongside displaying them on social media. With the help of such marketing ads, you are able to retarget those who visit your website. In the due course, you will come across certain customers who are actually interested in learning more about your company.

Search Retargeting

This is an unique form of retargeting. Here you can retarget those customers who have searched for products which parallel those offered by you, but have not made any visit to your website yet. This method of retargeting helps to stretch your reach in all directions, letting them know or able to convince them to give a try to your organisation.

How does Google Remarketing work?

Google remarketing happens to be the most simple method of retargeting the customer. Remarketing on Google works by placement of cookies on your website. This cookie gets added to your remarketing audience list.

Instancing, someone you wish to target has viewed a particular page but has not made any purchase. Each cookie holds an unique id which helps you to track down your target, making a display of your website as an advertisement which serves as a reminder to them.

Google remarketing as added new features lately. These features allow more flexibility  through upgraded Google analytics Code.

How does Facebook Remarketing work?

Facebook remarketing is somewhat similar to Google remarketing. The list of customers could be made from their user ids and phone numbers. You can take down such lists and the generate a smart list of Facebook users which is termed as “Lookalike Audiences”.

Facebook lists down an average number of users based on the number of users on your list. This feature helps you to reach out to the potential customers.


Thus, it could, finally be concluded that, remarketing has turned out to be the most effective and an innovative form of marketing strategy which brings mutual benefit both for the customer and the marketer. This strategy is easy to handle and brings out the best opportunities both for the seller and the customer.