Digihashtag uses React to build the best and most interactive UI for your website that you could get. As a development services agency, Digihashtag uses React as it’s the best out there and our clients deserve the best.

React is a component-based JavaScript that is used to build an interactive and dynamic UI or mobile applications and websites alike, specifically for single page applications where changes are reflected in real time. In React components are everything, the page is divided into smaller parts which combined together give the whole view.


Key Features

  • Declarative

    Via React we are able to create simple views of every state in your application; React updates and renders just the right components when there is a change in data quite efficiently. Declarative views make the code much more readable and easier to debug.

  • Virtual DOM

    For every DOM object in React there is a virtual DOM object, which is a representation of a DOM object that is virtually created. It is a one-way data binding which essentially allows us to work faster as it’s easier to manipulate, as nothing gets drawn on the screen as happens when updating the original DOM.

  • Event Handling

    React is extremely intuitive as it creates its own event system which is completely compatible withW3C object model. It allows our work to move smoothly as it provides a cross-browser interface to a native event. The system is implemented via event delegation and also offers a pool of event objects to reduce memory overhead.

  • Performance

    Flux controls which are basically application based architecture is used by React to control the workflow and update the page view for the user. The Virtual DOM adds an advantage where it compares the new data with the original DOM and then automatically updates the view.

  • React Native

    An essential feature of React, it allows us to render react codes to IOS and Android without having to change much of the code. It uses the web components of React as building blocks and essentially gives us access to features that these platforms offer.


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