React Native

React Native is a JavaScript Framework which allows developers to render mobile applications for IOS and Android natively. Based off of React, React Native uses Facebooks JavaScript library to build UI’s, targeting mobile platforms instead of web browsers. It allows developers the comfort of the JavaScript library while still being able to develop applications for mobile devices where the code is written can be shared between platforms allowing for them to write code for both IOS and Android simultaneously.

We at Digihashtag use React Native to develop apps for both IOS and Android for clients that wish their websites to be available portably as well. Native gives us the ability to easily create such applications without having to change much of the original code, lifting a lot of load off the shoulders of our developers and increasing our productive power.


Key Features

  • Reusable Components

    Natives building blocks are reusable ‘Native components’ that are compiled straight to native. To offer a consistent look, the components used in android or iOS have counterparts right in React.

  • Applicable To Pre-Existing Code

    React Native UI components can be applied to an existing app without having to change the original code or causing an overhaul. Native Incorporates the old codes seamlessly.

  • It’s All About The UI

    Unlike other framework software out there, React Native is solely focused on the UI, making it seem closer to a JavaScript library rather than a framework. This results in the UI being extremely fluidic and responsiveness. The resulting apps have faster load times than normal hybrid applications.

  • Far More Efficient

    React Native is extremely efficient, smoother and increases the productivity of the developer along with reducing the time taken to the deployment of an app, due to the ReactJS UI library under the hood.

  • Third-Party Plugin Comparability

    React Native allows you to add Third-Party apps as plugins into your app rather than opening them in the web view. This helps make the app much faster and far more efficient.


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