Python programming language has the ability to model real-world entities, as it is object-oriented. Featured with a type-checking mechanism, it is dynamic and crafted to synthesize with customer needs. The Python IDLE (Integrated Development Environment) gives instructions one at a time, which also lets it be used as a calculator. What sets Python apart from others is that it is an interpreted language. It is ideal for rapid development as it is an amalgamation of dynamic typing, dynamic binding, and built-in data structures. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, which allows readability and limits the cost of the maintenance. It supports modules and packages. Python suggests enhanced productivity, which is what makes it preferable and a popular choice. With the elimination of the compilation step, it edits, tests, and debugs cyclically to make the work efficiency and reduce time consumption.

Created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991, it emphasizes code readability while using significant whitespace. It allows a platform which can construct clear programming on smaller and larger scales, making it ideal for all kinds of consumers. While Python is embedded with a dynamic type system, it also has automatic memory management. Additionally, it comes with a comprehensive standard library.


Key Features


    Python has an easy user interface. Compared to other programs, it is relatively easier to code on Python. With Python syntax, Digihashtag can offer you a better and faster turnaround of your web project without any difficulties.

  • Easy to Read

    Since it has a high level of expertise, it is almost like English. Readability is enhanced

  • Expressive

    Python has diversity with several constructs. It aims to provide the solution and is one of the main reasons for it to be different from others.

  • Portable

    It does not need to be altered if the user changes their application. The same code can run on any machine, which eliminates the necessity to write different codes. Thus, Python has a portable language.

  • Interpreted

    In other programming languages, there is a necessity to compile it before testing. However, with Python, the compilation aspect is not required. It is internally converted into the immediate form name bytecode. Python’s source code is executed line by line, thus this makes is safer and easier to debug.

  • Object-oriented

    At the crux, it is object-oriented simply because it can mirror the real world. Prominently, it focusses on the object, then combines the date, and finally functions. Moreover, Python supports multiple inheritances making it the ideal choice for your web development project

  • Extensive

    There is a feature to write the Python code in other languages as well. Thus, it is an extensive language and does not limit to one domain. Apart from this, the other main features include a large standard library, GUI programming, dynamic typing, embedded feature, high-level language, etc. thus making it a suitable choice for all of your web development projects.


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