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In the world of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest is something which is often seen at the sidelines- and yet, It’s potency is something which cannot be undermined. If used correctly, Pinterest can prove to be one of the most effective marketing tools at our disposal.

How Pinterest Works ?

Pinterest is a social media platform which is centered around the idea of visuals and bringing visuals together in order to deliver an idea. The users are called “pinners”, and they can share, save, organise and promote videos and images (called “pins”) from all over the internet. This has made Pinterest perhaps the biggest search engine for visual content on the internet. Since most of these visuals are shared with each other and visible to everyone, Pinterest Marketing can prove to one of the most effective ways of promoting ayour products and services.

Why choose Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest as a platform has grown manifold over the years. Especially for niche audiences, or targeting a customer group which is very narrow and specified, pinterest is perhaps the best platform to spread the word about your products and services. It has currently an approximated 250 million active users who use the social media platform on a monthly basis. Even though the users are comparatively lesser than, say, Instagram, Pinterest might be a more beneficial option as its users are more engaged and invested, and have a much higher chance of clicking on your product.

Effective Strategies for Pinterest Marketing

In order to truly capitalise on pinterest marketing and ensuring that you get optimum results and increased traffic, here are some tips to guide your marketing efforts.

  1. Create content related to your brand, and make sure it is informative and helpful. For example, a company selling beauty products should create pinterest boards which provide tips and beauty hacks, makeup recommendations and product reviews. This will attract authentic audiences to your pinterest, and help you in selling your products as the best ones to them in an organic way.
  2. You can leverage group boards to increase your reach. You can collaborate with Pinterest users who have a large and loyal following, and use them to reach out to a wider customer base and increase traffic to your own board
  3. Start a Pinterest Board that has the relevant pins for your products and industry. Develop attractive pinboards for your business, and regularly update and maintain them so that all of your followers are constantly engaged and reminded of your inputs, expertise and most importantly- your products.
  4. Make sure you use the correct keywords when labelling your pinboard and deciding topic headings. Research about the most searched for keywords and make sure that you incorporate them in your pins.
  5. There are several types of visual content you can share- may it be images, videos, infographics or even gifs. Make sure you create and share content which gets the maximum repins, and which is attractive to your niche audience.


Pinterest is a pandora’s box waiting to be explored and utilised the right way. For e-commerce businesses especially, it is the perfect medium to reach out to your target audience. After all, studies show that 93% of Pinterest users admit that they use the platform to plan and explore their purchases and different products. Why not add yours as an option?