The PHP code is executed by a command line interface, HTLM, or it can be embedded into several combinations. It serves as a service side scripting language that has several uses such as managing dynamic content, databases, session tracking, as well as developing
e-commerce sites. Several popular databases form a synthesis into PHP, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, and more.

PHP is an easy to use interface, which supports many protocols like IMAP, POP3, and LDAP. The newer version, such as the PHP4 added support or Java, thus inaugurating it to become a multi-tier development program. The system performs several functions like creating, opening, reading, writing and closing files. It aids in gathering data, saving data, and emailing, sharing the content. Additionally, by using PHP, programmers can limit access to others and prohibit them from adding pages to a website. It also encrypts data. In this regard, PHP functions and surrounds itself with five prominent characteristics, aiming to make this as practical as possible.Prominently, it is an open source scripting language which is completely free. It has server side scripting language, and is thoroughly used all over the world. Additionally, it is faster and more efficient than others.



  • Real time access monitoring

  • Loosely typed language

  • Error reporting

  • Familiarity

  • Flexibility

  • Security

  • Platform independent

  • Efficiency

  • Simplicity

  • Case sensitive

  • Open source

  • Interpreted

  • Faster

  • Simple


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