Node Js

Built using Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime. This JS uses the event-driven, non-blocking input-output model which enables the developer to be efficient. Node Package Manager (npm) of NodeJS is the largest open source library in the whole world. It was created to offer a scalable network application. It can handle many concurrent requests for connections at the same time which means it fires a call back for each connection. The Mechanism of handling connections in the NodeJs is super efficient than Thread based networking. As there are no locks in the NodeJS, the users can be free from the fear of being deadlocked. This helps to develop scalable systems using node. With the experience and dedicated team for the development in NodeJS, Digihashtag is one of the leading experts providing their customers with high-quality project delivery on their requests.


Key Features

  • Asynchronous and Event Driven

    All the APIs in the library of Node JS are asynchronous which means, non-blocking. The server never waits for an API to any return data. The mechanism of Events aids the server to get a return value from the API which was called earlier, as it just keeps on moving to the next API

  • Super Fast

    The library of NodeJS is super fast when it comes to code execution as it was built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine. Digihashtag makes sure that they design your website in such a manner that it loads fast so as to ensure no customer leaves the site because of more loading time.

  • Inexpensive Development Cycle

    It doesn’t require many resources even to accomplish huge projects as NodeJS is rich in features. This enables Digihashtag to complete the client project quicker.

  • Highly Secured

    The architecture of the NodeJS is so well designed to give the user reliable security. The security of the client’s data matters to Digihashtag, so we make sure that every client is highly secured with their data

  • Highly Scalable

    Event looping with the single threaded model is used in the NodeJS. When compared to the traditional servers, the event mechanism supplies the server with the ability to react in a non-blocking way which enables the server to be scalable as per need, If the client wants to scale up

  • End to Buffering

    The user will never experience any buffering as these applications just give out chunks of data at a time. So with the use of Nodejs, Digihashtag designs web projects which are low on buffering and enables the users to go through it, smoothly


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