Native Android

Native apps are developed for a particular mobile platform using particular languages and technologies and we develop it for you. Native app development is mostly preferred for high-performance apps. These apps can quickly access multiple services on a device, such as microphone, gyroscope, notification, GPS, movement detector and levers the processing speed. While navigating through native mobile apps the contents and visuals are already stored in the phone so the load time is reduced making the user hassle-free use of the app in particular. These apps are considered safe and secure. We at Digihashtag keep in mind to create your stunning app.  Companies invest in native app development mostly due to its countless efficiencies over hybrid apps or web apps.


Key Features

  • Custom Native App development

    Digihashtag develops Native apps with placing a specific platform in mind. We can develop a mobile application that runs on Android OS. These apps have the tendency to take complete advantage of the features of an Operating System.

  • E-commerce Development

    The e-commerce sites are recommended to use the best app design and architecture so that it fits any industry. We back these apps by powerful CMS programmed with the latest architecture. The interface can be made as pleasant looking and easy to navigate through various modules. We at Digihashtag, e-commerce application can be made to match the overall scheme of the android device.

  • Native app UI/UX Design

    The user interface is what differentiates one brand from another, it is something which can make your customer come to your brand again. We have lots of User Interface to choose during development. Most design preferred by the clients has characteristic like minimalistic, highly customizable, easy to use. 

  • Third-party Integration

    Basically, third-party integration in android app is we add a library to your android project. Certain apps require third-party integration for the proper and prompt working of the app. Application Programming Interface is programmed into the program to allow outside programmers to access or manipulate data. At Digihashtag discovery, design and plan, implementing the development of any API services are also done.

  • Theme and Extension development

    We provide various themes and extension that are available to match the business, Full multi-purpose template, material, multi-purpose themes, specific business themes. A suitable theme is chosen to match the client’s business or a custom theme is designed for the client. We create extension along with the existing themes to improve the user interface and alter the dynamic in an application.

  • Upgradation and migration

    We upgrade and improve the software to reduce the dependency of bugs. Utilization of software development kits makes it easier to start to build apps with new features. With the hybrid app development once, a new feature is released in the UI kit, it takes time for the tool to support, there is an added layer that the developer does not have the control of which increases the chance of bug occurrence. At Digihashtag we make sure that the app developer is free from bugs.


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