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Instagram stories, according to many, have now become the most important part of a brand’s Instagram presence. This is not without reason, for most users tend to watch stories as soon as they log into the app rather than scrolling down as they used to. With multiple features like stickers, polls, questions, locations, gifs and reaction sliders added to the process of creating Instagram stories, it has truly become a creative medium of delivering your brand image. But what are some pointers you need to keep in mind while using Instagram stories to build your brand? Let’s find out.

Story Highlights

Story highlights are the best way to put up all the relevant content about your brand without causing a deluge of information on your main feed. Organise each story into a different category and make sure that you compartmentalise them in a way that makes it extremely easy for your users to explore different highlights for different purposes.


Use the Polls feature to make your instagram account more interactive and relevant to your followers. The most important part is that you can use this feature to help you greatly in making business decisions, by studying the data provided by these polls in market research, customer feedback, and simply learning what your customers are thinking and have to say about you.

Promote Your Recent Posts

According to the current Instagram algorithms, it is extremely important how fast each of your posts are seen by your followers and engaged by them. As a recent trend, brands have started sharing their latest posts on their instagram stories which are generally seen faster by followers. To ensure that your followers actually tap on the post, open it, like it and maybe even share it, you should ideally cover the actual post on your story with stickers or gifs so that a certain mystery remains and your followers tap on the post out of sheer curiosity.


Using the Questions feature to gain customer feedback or engage your followers does not only help you in gathering vital data and gauging the mental inclinations of your customer base, but also goes a long way in establishing your brand. Asking questions (and sometimes sharing the answers as well) increases your transparency, reliability and approachability manifold.

Giveaways and Contests

Instagram stories are the perfect place to hold contests and giveaways as the fact that they have a time limit of 24 hours greatly increases the urgency and immediacy of any such event. You can promote any new product or service by asking your followers to share your page, a particular post, or even a screenshot of your instagram story and tagging you in it to greatly increase your traction online. Use the right hashtags and continuously nudge your followers in the right direction by reminding them of the deadline and the rules of the competition.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a great way to trend on Instagram, as the more likes and views your live video gets, the higher chance it has of featuring in the ‘Top Live’ section of the ‘Explore’ page. Before doing a live event, make sure you promote it well in advance so you get maximum viewers for the actual video and your customers tune in at the time you have asked them to. You can use the Instagram Live feature to launch new products and services, hold Q/A sessions, have a celebrity interview or even just show your customers around your workplace and your creation process. An extremely important benefit of this feature is that a live video is the first thing they will see in their stories carousel, and so the probability of a follower catching your live show is very high!