Influencer Marketing

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Marketing is an important aspect of any product or service. It plays a vital role in creating awareness among the general public, make the company in the reach of potential customers and generate sales. With the advancement in technology and methods marketing has also evolved. A new form of marketing has been garnering a lot of attention from various companies. This new form of marketing is known as influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is the form of marketing in which the focus is shifted towards influential people who can attract potential customers for the company rather than target the market as a whole on social media. The model of influencer marketing is based on the concept that influential people endorse the products and services of a company and the people following them tend to buy the same products or services for themselves. It is very much like a celebrity endorsement. The only difference in this approach is that the collaboration is between brands and influencers. The key to influencer marketing is making an initial plan and sticking to it. be organized and plan every aspect of your marketing strategy, like budget, time, expenditure and other factors that seem important to you. The other thing is you have to be patient for your plans to work out. The results would not be instantaneous. They require efforts and patience from you.

Now let us clear a few misconceptions about influencer marketing. Most people think that this marketing technique involves finding out a few famous people on social media and giving them money to endorse your product. This is clearly not the case. Influencer marketing involves finding social media influencers who try to create a genuine user base. These social media influencers toil hard to create a value of their social media profiles. They are also not interested in instant pay. Instead, it is about showing your credibility and making the users believe that they can rely on such influencers for reviews of the products or services.

After this, there are a few key points that you need to keep in mind while implementing the influencer marketing strategy.

•          Know your audience

The basic and foremost task is to identify the type of audience that you will be targeting for your product or service. This will simplify your plans and make it easier to build schedules.

•          Search for the right influencers

After you have selected the target audience to begin your search for the right kind of influencers which will help to enhance your product value. This might be exhaustive but it will surely reap your rewards.

•          Monitor influencers

Most people think that their task ends after finding the influencers whereas it is quite the opposite. The real task begins after the search for the influencers ends. After you have searched the influencers monitor their social media presence, their online posts, their frequency and their general attitude towards their audience. This is very crucial as they will be the face of your product\service.

•          Engage with them

Contact your influencers and engage with them regularly. This will give you an insight. This will increase the coordination, it will help you to target areas where you need to focus.

•          Quantify the results

The last step is to measure the results. You have to measure the effectiveness of your plans and strategies. There might be a few amendments that are needed to be done to your initial plans.

While all these points are the basic blueprint to implement influencer marketing there are a few points that you need to avoid in order for your influencer marketing strategy to work.

•          Do not generalize your influencers. Different influencers have a different outlook to their audience and they might be expecting different outcomes from their page. Talk to them and get to know each of your influencers. Doing this you will get to know about them and their goals. This will make your approach specific to them.

•          Do not simply weigh the popularity of your influencer. While the popularity of the influencer is still a major criterion for his or her selection but you cannot choose a person simply because he or she has huge popularity.

So, as we have seen influencer marketing has become quite a raging and effective marketing strategies of modern times. Like every other strategy, there are basic concepts that you need to be very clear with, These were some of those concepts to help you started, To implement influencer marketing in an effective way you need to be thorough with the above mentioned points.