How To Use SEO To Increase Conversions During Holidays and Festivals

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The Holiday season is a goldmine for businesses- customers are looking to spend more, treat themselves, and buy gifts for their friends or relatives. However, how can you strike it big the right way? How do normal marketing tactics like SEO have to change and evolve during the holiday and festival season? Here are some ways you can use SEO in unique ways to increase conversions during the holiday season.

Rework Product Titles and Descriptions

Your product titles and descriptions play a heavy part in SEO as these are the keywords that people look for while shopping during the holiday season. Try to rework your existing titles and description by giving them a festive edge and optimising them for what the user will be searching for. As gifting is one of the primary motives of holiday shopping, try to market your products as giftable items and add things in their descriptions which make them holiday-specific.

Create a smooth Mobile experience

Majority of holiday shopping is done on mobile devices, and so it is imperative that your create landing pages and websites which are mobile-friendly and provide impeccable user experience on the devices. Specially while looking for gifts for friends or relatives, people are looking to buy something which is fast, easily available and right in front of their eyes- and this is most easily achieved through mobile shopping. Invest in a good mobile interface to ensure that you do not lose on this section of customers!

Having a good Social Media Campaign

A lot of companies are able to increase the SEO engagements by increasing their social media content and reach. Have creative holiday-themed campaigns which run consecutively on several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. All of these should be eye catching and highlight your products and services. You can link all of these posts and platforms to your website and increase traffic there manifold.

Invest in a PPC Campaign

You can use Adwords and pay-per-click campaigns to quickly drive up sales during the holiday season. While organic SEO tactics may work on a normal day-to-day basis, it might be necessary to up your game a notch by investing in a PPC campaign. However, you need to be careful to not get caught in a bid way or waste your advertising spend.

Take a step back and figure out what is working- and what isn’t

It’s imperative to analyse what is working with your current SEO strategy and what isn’t. The holiday season can prove to be a monumental boon for business- but only if you play your cards right. Figure out weak areas and start working on optimising them for increasing sales. In case there is something that seems to be working great for your normal website, modify it a bit and use it for your holiday landing page as well! All in all, it is critical for you to take a step back and actually objectively figure out your SEO strategy.

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