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Product positioning strategies that are taken by organisations & businesses these days play an important part in effective product marketing strategy. An efficient product positioning greatly helps the buyers and users understand where a product ‘fits’ in terms what it has to offer, and where it stands with the other competing products that are available in the market.

Product positioning works on the basis of the development of the different market oriented activities like the channels through which the product is sold and the techniques that are used in promotional activities. When the product positioning is correctly progressed then it can help a product succeed but when it is carried on in a wrong or an incorrect way then it can even make a strong product fail.

So now what needs to be understood is that the users will make their respective decisions and choice to see where your products fit, and also that your competitors will be toiling hard to position their own products and in some bitter cases even try to show your product in a negative light in the market. Also make sure to understand that a sufficient and an efficient product positioning is beneficial in order to position your products.

Following edges of product positioning imply its importance or utility in marketing :

  • To Make The Organisation Market-oriented : Product positioning could be a  part of the broader promoting philosophy. It means to correctly note and show the unique and superior aspects of a product and then match them with users/shoppers in an enhanced manner, effectively than competitions. This philosophy also makes the entire organisation market oriented.
  • To Successfully Cope with The Changes In Market : Once the merchandise is positioned with success it doesn’t mean that the task of the manager is over. He has to constantly watch the market. As per new developments within the market place, new competitive strategies, new market positioning and brand positioning strategies and planning that are ought to be known, discovered or developed to suit the changing expectations of the market. It makes the manager active, alert and dynamic.
  • To Meet The Expectation of Consumers : Generally, the benefits are to be communicated and decided on the terms of the expectation of the concerned buyer or consumer. So, product positioning can help realise consumers’ expectations.
  • To Enhance Consumer Goodwill and Loyalty : Systematic product positioning strategies reinforces the company’s name, its product and complete. It popularises the brand. The company will produce goodwill and then succeed in its goal of winning the client loyalty.
  • To Construct A Suitable Promotional Strategy : More meaningful promotional strategy or brand positioning strategies can be designed. Based on what the benefits are to be communicated, that also suggests the selection of an appropriate method to promote the product.
  • To Grab The Attention and Interest of Consumers : Product positioning or market positioning signifies all those benefits that are important to the consumers/shoppers. When such edges square measure promoted through appropriate suggests that of advertising, it undoubtedly catches the interest and a focus of shoppers.
  • To Engage Different Types of Consumers : Consumers disagree in terms of their expectations from the product they wish to buy. Some consumers wish for durability; some wish distinctive and unique features; some desire security & safety; some wish for a low price; so on. A company, by promoting differing kinds of competitive benefits, will attract different kinds of consumers.
  • To Confront Competition : This is the fundamental use of product positioning strategies. Company can respond strongly to the competitors and therefore improve its competitive strength.
  • To Introduce New Product Successfully : Product positioning will assist a corporation or a business in introducing a replacement or an alternative product within the market. It will position new and superior benefits of the products and might penetrate the market simply.
  • Helps To Communicate Latest Features & The Ones Added Later On : When a corporation changes qualities and/or options of the existing or prevailing product, such enhancements may be positioned against the products that are offered by the competitors. Product positioning improves competitive strength of a company. Normally, shoppers take into account the advantages of the product before they go and buy it. In such cases product positioning can help to communicate the advantages of a company’s products over the products offered by competitors. It may conjointly facilitate shoppers in selecting the correct product.