How important is a mobile app for your e-commerce business ?

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People may not have a bank account, may not have a computer, may not have any of the things deemed “necessary” in today’s world- but they will surely have a mobile device. We are living in the mobile age, and brands and e-commerce retailers the world over are now adapting their business models to fit into the requirements of this system. For an e-commerce business, how important are mobile applications? Is it something you need to invest in, and expand your business from it’s browser to an app? Let’s find out.

Customers Use mobile Apps More Often Than Browsers

Most customers admit that they would much rather access an e-commerce store via an app rather than a browser on the web or their mobile phone. This preference is not surprising, as E-commerce mobile applications are much more convenient, especially if the customer is a frequent visitor. Applications remember the customer’s details, wishlist, shopping cart history, and have a much more seamless and updated interface which makes their shopping experience better in multiple ways. In fact, a survey showed that 78% of customers said that they would prefer using a mobile app rather than visiting the store on a mobile browser.

Better User Experience

The layout and interface of mobile apps is immeasurably more convenient, aesthetic and user friendly than a mobile or web browser. Navigation is easy, and the layout is relatively simpler- which can prove to be highly advantageous for you. There are no distracting banners, popups or buttons in most mobile apps, and the way your store is presented will not be flooded by irrelevant data. All of this will make your customers check out faster, and also increase customer loyalty as they’ll come back for the easy experience.

Decrease Your Cart Abandonment Rate

It is much easier to close a browser window than delete an app. When a customer abandons his cart on a browser, chances are that he’ll never visit again. However, when it comes to mobile apps, every-time the customer opens the app he will see the products lying in his cart, and sooner or later, will checkout. A study by Baymard tells us that while the card abandonment rate on a website is 68%, it cuts down to a whopping 28% only on mobile apps.

Customer Loyalty

The fact that a customer is simply downloading your mobile app is a good marker of customer loyalty. People who visit browsers normally do so for a one-time query or to look up details. People who download apps, however, are investing a longer term commitment and are ready to buy. Statistics show that people spend about 4 times as much time on mobile apps than they do on mobile browsers. The presence of your mobile app on their mobile devices serves as a constant brand reminder- your logo is always in front of them, ready to be clicked and explored. This directly increased the level of customer loyalty you garner from your users. A study by Criteo proved that people who use your mobile app are 2 times as likely to return to your store rather than someone who is accessing the mobile browser.

Engage With The Phone’s Inbuilt Features

You can use several features of a mobile phone to your advantage while marketing and selling products from your store. For example, the GPS feature can be used by you to determine the addresses of customers automatically for delivery, and suggest nearby stores to them for ease of shopping. Mobile cameras can also be used to increase engagement on social media platforms and spread knowledge about how your products look in real life. Lastly, the microphone feature can be used as a part of your UI to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for by simply speaking the product name.


The benefits of launching a mobile app for your virtual store are immeasurable. Mobile apps are the present, most definitely the future, and expanding your e-commerce business is an investment you should most definitely be looking into. With partners like DigiHashtag, which make the creation of your mobile app immediate and seamless, the entire process is streamlined and made completely hassle free!