How Important Are Testimonials For Your Business?

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While most people tend to think that Testimonials are just an extra cushioning to their website or social media, they may actually hold a lot more power than one might believe. They aren’t just something that are nice to have- they are a necessity which greatly impacts your business.

What are Testimonials?

A testimonial is any statement (it can be in the form of text, a video or even an image) which supports your business’s professionalism and work ethic. These are extremely powerful for garnering trust amongst new prospective customers, by leveraging the trust previous customers have already expressed in you.

Are they really important?

According to a study by Zendesk, approximately 90% of customers and users online admitted that reading a positive review online greatly affects their purchasing decisions. Word of mouth is, after all, one of the most powerful forces which can build a business from the ground up. Testimonials work and have a potent persuasive power because they provide social proof. It’s all about psychology, and it has been proven that any individual is more likely to replicate the behaviour of someone else if we deem is positive and fruitful.

How can you harness the power of Testimonials?

  • Collect Testimonials: The first step is to start actively looking out for customers who can provide you with positive testimonials. Do not hesitate to ask any client for feedback or review of your work, and if it is positive, then share it immediately. If you have ever gone above and beyond for any customer or provided any special service, be sure to ask that customer for a testimonial delineating his customer experience working with you. You can use automated emails, customer satisfaction surveys, or even apps to collect regular testimonials.
  • Make Them Fun: Testimonials don’t just have to be formal, written emails which you later put up on your website. You can also make video testimonials- something which is a lot more engaging for anyone visiting your website or going through your social media. If you have text-based reviews, you can also get your graphic designer to make images which have the most impactful quotes from the review and then share the images. The point is to get as many people as possible to actually read and absorb the positive reviews.
  • Explore All Platforms: Don’t just stick to sharing your testimonial on your website and facebook account- there are several more avenues you can explore to getting the word out there. You can put your testimonials on your blogs, newsletters, email campaigns, instagram stories, brochures and press releases. This not only expands your online presence manifold, but also acknowledges and appreciates the customer who took the time out to write a testimonial for you.

The vitality and efficiency of testimonials is something which cannot be undermined. In fact, when WikiJob ran a test on a site page which had testimonials and compared it to one which did not, it found that the page with testimonials had almost 34% more conversions. The presence of testimonials is an effective tool which directly leads to more conversions and lead generation.