Freelancers Vs. Agencies

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In today’s day and age, it has become increasingly common to hire freelancers for jobs like web development, content writing, graphic designing, etc. The trend is constantly on the rise, but along with this rise arises a question: How efficient are freelancers? What are the pros and cons to hiring them over an established agency or company? Which option should you opt for? Let’s find out.

Cost Efficiency

Freelancers supposedly cost a lot less than hiring an agency or company for your web development. A freelancer will also cost less than hiring a permanent employee for the work, as you’ll be saved from incurring costs like health benefits, perks, bonuses, etc. However, how efficient is this cost saving? Having your website developed by a freelancer who is in all probability also working on multiple other projects at the same time, does not only lead to you receiving a mass-produced and generic platform, but also means that the person working on your website (unlike a dedicated employee who is working solely on that one project) simply is not in a position to give their 100% to you. So you might save on costs, but how efficient this saving is, is debatable.


Perhaps the biggest cons of hiring a freelancer is the lack of accountability. If you opt to work with a web development company of good repute, chances are that they have worked with multiple clients before and more importantly, have a brand value which increases their accountability manifold. One of the biggest headaches of working with a freelancer is running after them, trying to meet deadlines, and working with the constant anxiety that he may go rogue and abandon your project. With a web development company like Digihashtag, for example, your working progress will be carefree and smooth.

Quality of Work

As there is no supervision, the quality of work received from a freelancer is highly unpredictable. When you’re working with a web development company, they have previous clients and a portfolio which is normally quite extensive. Furthermore, they have resources much more extravagant than a freelancer, whose working style is more often that not limited to his own skills. In an agency, however, many team members come together to work on a single project, give their own individual inputs and impart their skill sets onto the website they are developing. It can thus be safe to assume that the quality of work you will receive from a web development company will be more dependable than that from a freelancer.

Finding the right partner

The time spent reaching out to freelancers, interviewing them, vetting their portfolios, and hiring the right one is time lost that you will never get back. Even after all this work, in many cases the freelancer that seemed perfect to create your website may end up being unproductive, ill equipped or simply lacking the work ethic needed to complete your project. A simpler, faster alternative is hiring a company which has a good reputation and a strong client base. This ensures that they will deliver projects on a timely basis, and that you need not be paranoid about them flaking out on you last minute. You enter into a legally binding contract, get a representative from the company to work with you at all times, and ensure that your website is developed in the most efficient manner possible.


The debate between freelancers and companies and which alternative is better is an age-old one. While freelancers might have an edge in terms of flexibility or cost, when it comes to overall payoff and the returns you get on your investment, an agency will always be the safer, more reliable option.