Five Ways To Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

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Running an ecommerce business is a mercurial task, and there are several ups and downs which one must face. Even though there are several time-tested strategies which most ecommerce business owners employ to increase their sales and customer base, once in a while everyone hits a slump which may prove to be very difficult to climb out of. In case you are looking for some niche strategies and fresh ideas to quickly increase your sales, we are here for you!

Target Your Pre-Existing Customers

At Times, the reason for low ecommerce sales lies not with a dearth of customers, but have inactive customers. Rather than focusing all your energy on constantly acquiring new customers, you should pay attention to maximising sales from existing customers and ensuring that you retain them. A loyal customer can prove much more beneficial than new, transitory customers! Try to create deals, campaigns and products which your customers might be interested in and pull them in if their attention is wandering.

Invest In Paid Traffic

If you’re looking for quick and guaranteed results, then paid traffic is a sure-shot way of greatly increasing the traffic to your ecommerce store. Though this method can be expensive, and some might even consider it risky, it is an extremely efficient method of marketing your brand if it is done in the right way. You need to keep a close watch on analytics and metrics, research which social media platforms you want to market on, and create relevant content which will assuredly attract traffic to your website. If optimised, paid traffic can become affordable and effective!

Simplify Your Checkout Process

Make sure that your checkout process is as quick and easy as possible, as a complicated checkout process might act as a deterrent for any potential sale. Get rid of hurdles like asking your customer to sign up before checking out, as this will directly lead to an increase in sales. Even the amount of information the user has to fill in to simply place the order should be reduced so that the checkout process becomes as easy as possible.

Offer Discounts

Even though this sounds basic, nothing hits the psychology of your customers like a run-of-the-mill sale. It’s the most guaranteed way of increasing sales, and if marketed properly on social media platforms, discount deals can also drive new traffic manifold to your website. If you are concerned about profit margins, then you can simply up the base price of each product a little and then have a discount which only marginally cuts into your profits.

Offer Free Delivery

It’s a fact that people tend to buy more when there is free delivery. If your cart abandonment rate is high, it is probably because people get dissuaded from buying the product after seeing the total cost including shipping and taxes. If you are looking to increase your sales fast, the best way would be to offer free shipping momentarily to at least expand your customer base. Free delivery will also encourage people from far flung areas to visit your website and buy your products, thus Introducing a whole new set of customers.

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