Five Trends In SEO

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User Intent:
When a user is searching for something specific related to a product or service which you sell, it is important that you are there on the search result because it is like you are promising to be there for the user’s need. In other words, it is not about putting the various popular word into your website and trying to be there on the first page but to be there for the customer when they need you. This works to your benefit, it’ll produce customers instead of just traffic for the website.
The search engine provides accurate results to the user who looks up for particular things or types a specific phrase. This helps the person who searches, to decide what exactly should be chosen according to the need of that person.
User intent optimization is one of the key trends of 2019 in regards to search because there will be more of voice search either using the smartphone or home assistance. Also as the accuracy of the voice recognition technology has been improving, people find it easier to ask for things, products, and services, than to type.
If you perform a search from the user or the customer point of view it will be easier to achieve the most elite user intent optimization. Think from that perspective, what would they be actually looking for? What makes a person curious to learn about the product or service? What values will they be expecting that your website/company could provide?

Small patterns in the HTML of the website that sends information about the site to the search engine. The more amount of information that a search engine receives from these small HTML patterns, the more accurately the website will be ranked. The small HTML patterns are called as microformats in the technical term. So the more honest the description of your website, the more chances of getting a high rank in the search results of the search engine. Microformats will also get you more clicks because, for the user, it will make the content of your website more pleasing and appealing which thereby increasing the number of clicks you can get. Of course, the increased clicks means the more chances of getting a higher ranking from the search engine.
The microformats forms tags and labels for your website which you can term them according to the page content. It communicates to the search engine what the content is about. Microformats can be also utilized for making rich snippets. Snippets which includes more than just the title, URL and the meta description like for example you could add the ratings of your website or product or even the working hours of the office. These will help you to get more clicks and traffic. Every website doesn’t necessarily require microformats. To know if you actually would need it or not, try to think from the customer side, what would they like to see when your result is shown on the results of the search? So use it if only it’s applicable for your need.

Targeting the Local:
For the businesses who are dependent on the local customers, it is important to focus on the local search in order to attract more customers. To know about a specific thing in their locality, they are going to search for the “thing” in the “locality”, for example, “Hairdresser in Bangalore”. So the local/small business can focus on the local search optimization in order to ensure the search results provide the user with relevant information regarding the location and details. If you sign up for the Google My Business feature, it will also help the local and small businesses to be located on Google search.The precision of the local search is going to be more intense in this year which means there will be targeted relevant results. So this signifies that instead of targeting the whole city, you would rather focus on the local community. The distance matter to all. So the local targeting could help in several ways such as if there is a nearby competition who are providing lesser quality in their service or product, the customer has the probability of looking up for another provider nearby. The other scenarios would be like when someone suddenly decides to look up for a place while going for a walk or when the shop doesn’t have the product they were looking for, in such cases the customer will definitely look up using their phones to locate a nearby place where they can get what they are looking for. The search term “near me” has taken over the internet to find places to do anything and everything like from a car repair shop to malls which also reduces the distance from car based to walkable. Let it be paid ads or SEO, highly targeted search campaigns are going to be the most focused way for the small and local businesses. Even the Google stats for the search “near me” shows a significant amount of increase in the years 2014 to 2015 by 130%. This data should urge all the local and small businesses to take local search optimization serious and target the local customers. The customers will also hope to be led to the place of their precise need through those search results.

Content is King:
Creating content is already an important strategy for all the marketers and it will continue to be so. Creating engaging and quality content about the service or the product you are providing for the users can have an impact in building the brand of the company. There are and always will be content marketers popping up every now and then saying they will take the website to the highest ranking but fail to do so because most of them are scams and not into actually creating quality content. Remember, content has a very powerful influence on the ranking system on the search engines and 2019 will be the same. So make sure to find out people who are really good and are into creating good contents for content marketing to boost up the rank of the website. The competition for creating high-quality content will be more intense in 2019 as everyone will be aiming for high ranks. If you have a very dry content which is not engaging or if there are no contents at all, you are not going to have much of an advancement in the SEO goals that you might have. Focus on creating good contents in order to overtake the competitions in the rank list.

Linkless Backlinks:
In the past years being featured about your website on a reputable publication from a trusted journalist was a very important task or goal which then is not really victorious if the link is not included. These kinds of features are called backlinks, where one website leads to another website and this was taken seriously by Google.All this is changing right now and Google is getting better and evaluating and providing search results according to the quality and relevance of the content on a webpage. They are also better at recognizing the companies are being featured or mentioned somewhere else where Google considers being a reputed resource. Even if there is no link provided in the feature post, Google can recognize it. Which means that even getting mentioned somewhere else is going to impact the ranking of the website. So it is good to keep in mind for the marketers to know that they can work hard to be featured under some other brand which will definitely help the ranking even if there are backlinks or no links.