Facebook Advertising Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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Facebook Advertising has emerged as one of the primary and most commonly used advertising mediums for most brands in today’s day and age. It’s flexibility, great returns on investment, and wide outreach has made it an instant hit with most marketers. In fact, statistics show that 93% of digital marketing professionals use Facebook Ads as a vital part of their marketing strategy. But do all of these people use the medium the right way? Not at all! In fact, there are several common mistakes that people tend to make when it comes to Facebook Ads. We have listed some of them below to help you dodge some of the most foreseeable problems in your future.

Targeting The Wrong People

There are millions of users on Facebook, and the first step you need to take is selecting the right group of target customers that you will aim your ads at. One of the most common mistakes made my marketers is targeting an audience which is too narrow and specific, too broad, or just the wrong demographic. Conduct customer surveys and use the ‘Audience Insights’ feature to correctly gauge which customers will actually be interested in your products and services and engage with your ads.

Using The Wrong Image In your Ad

According to research, the image in a Facebook ad accounts for nearly 75-90% of the ad’s performance. There are several types of ad formats which Facebook offers, and all of them offer you the chance to include an image (some formats, like the ‘Carousel’ or ‘Slideshow’ even enable you to add multiple images). The image you use should be eye-grabbing, effective and deliver the message you want to say even in the absence of text. Rather than a generic stock image, make sure you select one which is directly connected and representative of the product you want to market and does justice to your brand values.

Not Using Facebook Pixels

Facebook Pixels are basically a way of tracking interactions and engagements that are taking place with and because of your Ad. By using analytics, you can study exactly the effect your Facebook Ad is having, all the way back to your website. This is a wonderful way of measuring your ad’s effectiveness, especially on platforms other than Facebook itself .

Not Using Videos

According to studies, 71% of users of Facebook agreed that they find video ads extremely engaging and relevant. Videos have become the primary mode of content consumption in today’s world, and a user is much more likely to watch a video than read a long text-based ad. Create short, impactful video ads and make sure you accompany them with the right captions. Use the analytics and metrics provided by Facebook to study the performance of each video ad and modify your future campaigns accordingly.

Having A Weak Headline

Your headline has to be precise, succinct and deliver exactly what your product does and why people should buy it. Try to build an emotional connection with your customers, wherein you understand a problem of theirs and guarantee a solution via your product or service. The shorter your headline is, the better.

Make sure you avoid these often-repeated mistakes made by marketers, and have a fruitful journey with Facebook Ads!

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