Essentials To Include On The Landing Page Of Your Website

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Landing pages are the face of your brand in the digital sphere- and this is why it becomes imperative that you make sure this face is saying all the right things. Design, purpose and your branding language must all come together in order to form a landing page which caters to your audience in just the right way. Here are a few essentials that are a must for anyone creating a landing page.

A gripping headline

The headline is the first thing that any user visiting your landing page will see. It is imperative that you craft a gripping, self explanatory and eye catching headline which immediately builds up the interest of the viewer. A rule of thumb is to go short and sweet, but it is also vital that you keep in mind that the headline should pack a punch and be powerful in its delivery. 

An emphatic Call to Action 

The CTA should be well evident and prominent in your landing page, as this is the one feature that can make all the difference between window shoppers and actual sales. Buttons like the “Add to Cart” one should immediately stand out, and accompany every image/description of a product which may interest any potential buyers. This should feed into your overall design and user experience and elevate both of them so that the path for increasing your conversion rates becomes well paved.  

Using the right pictures 

Visual content plays a huge part in capturing the attention of the visitors of your landing page. It is proven that any given person will notice and absorb the picture on any particular page much before the text. Make sure you select pictures for your landing page which are of high resolution, large enough that they become eye-catching, and portray your branding language and reflect your products and services in a direct manner. Remember- landing pages are all about visuals. 

Contact information 

Even though this is one of the most basic necessities of any websites, a lot of companies tend to overlook or improperly handle the way they portray their contact information on their landing page. No customer should have to actively look for things like your address, email id or contact number- rather, all of these should be placed in plain view at all times. This is an essential part of not only covering your bases, but also encouraging more interaction and engagements with your visitors. 

Include reviews 

A great way of immediately building up trust and increasing conversions is providing as much social proof as possible about the workings of your organisation. Including things like testimonials, video reviews, online ratings, and verbatim feedback from your past clients is a sure shot way of leaving a positive impression on every individual who visits your landing page. It manages to clear away any apprehensions they might have about your brand and increases their intent to purchases manifold. 

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