Conversion Rate Optimization

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This is an era of networking and globalization, and for that everything becomes easier to get and use. Digital marketing is one of them which makes our life easier. There are many digital marketing brands out there and to be best among them is really challenging, it needs more strategy, patience and hard work.

Conversion is such a concept which actually bring revolution in digital marketing. According to most of the successful companies of the world admits that CRO (conversion rate optimization) is the game changer for their plan, and most of the companies also admit that it has some beneficial outcome.

Conversion is a process which mirrors the behaviour or psychology of a buyer, because it is a systematic process which basically helps to increase the number of website visitors, who take such action which is only their desire, like filling a form, becoming a follower or downloading the app of the brand. It is a systemic process to identify what a customer wants and what stopping them from your goals.

There are basically two types of conversions:

  1. Macro-Conversions: Macro-conversion- It’s actually a profitable conversion and it actually helps a brand directly. If we buy something from a company, or particularly subscribe to a program is a macro conversion.
  2. Micro-Conversions: Micro conversions Adding a product, sign up for a page is micro conversions and it is good for promotions and brand loyalty.

How to calculate the conversion rate?

Here we take an example to make it more understandable. We have a company name Daniella garments and we have a website on the internet. We all know that a buyer could buy a product each time he visits the site.

Suppose victor enters 5 times to our site so there are 5 chances we get to increase the chance of conversion. The first time he visits opportunity site for the first time and makes an email subscription and it is also a conversion which goes under the micro convention. Later he just visits to read blogs and to see photographs of our site and finally on the fifth time he decides to make a buy from our suite and it is a final conversion. So how we going to measure it, here is the solution.

So, we have to take the total number of visits victor made and have to divide it with the actual buying time he made. 1orders/5 sessions=0.2% conversion rate. To find out the conversion rate of the site, you will have to look at all unique orders divided the total number of sessions.

Here are some tips to increase your conversion rate:

  1. Do a lot of researches about your clients: Trust me it is the best way to boost your conversion. Do a hell lot of researches to find out what they actually want and what they actually need. As we already mentioned that conversion is a way to observe client behaviour, how they visit and what makes them stoop to buy a product.
  2. Use heat maps: As Peter Baylish said once that “knowledge is power” and it is true indeed. Heat maps actually give us the statistical information about everything buyers do when they visit the site. It clearly shows us where a customer pays most attention and where the deficit is really strong. So as we all know knowledge and information is the key to stand a business so how can we miss this?
  3. Make an appealing form: Trust me subscription forms are cool enough to attract more audience, and it is your duty to make it as eye-catching as possible, and it is really proven that it really attract buyers.
  4. Make a strong communication process: Communication is all we need nowadays, and if you make able to build a strong communication process through you to your buyers, it will be the best thing a company can do.
  5. C.T.A: Call to action is crucial, in digital marketing and if you can make a strong base in this trust me you are going to change the game. It is crucial to make direct communication and call to action is made for this.
  6. Make a strong fan base: To be very precise make a strong community who wants your brand to wear all day, it is not that difficult. Making a strong community actually helps us to build a strong promotional stunt.
  7. Be active on social media: It is the generation raised by social media and to connect with their persona you have to be in their room and the best way to do this is to be in social media. Nowadays most of the people based on social media and most of the important works done by here so we should all here actively to ensure a more and more prosperous audience.
  8. Create some urgency: If I give you an offer that if you buy a pair of 2 means you will get a chance to shop for 1000/month for a year would you miss it? Yes, this is called the urgency or offers which makes our buyer more excited and feeling urgency to grab them up

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