Angular Js

Google maintained a javascript-based open source front end web framework is AngularJS. This was developed by a group of individuals and corporations with google, to be a solution for the challenges faced while developing a single page application. Digihashtag, being one of the lead experts in AngularJS is providing their clients with some high-end solutions using this javascript. The reason to choose Digihashtag would be the incorporation of the specific needs of the clients with their expertise to deliver a better result than the client expects.


Key Features

  • Model-View-Controller Architecture

    On the most important feature of AngularJS is the Model-View-Controller Architecture or in short MVC. This type of architecture enables the developer to have separated the web application into various manageable structures. As the name itself says the three elements focused on by this type of architecture; Model, View, and Controller. At Digihashtag, we provide you amazing solution in this architecture which is super-efficient.

  • Data Binding

    A link between the model and view is created by Angular in the Data Binding. It is known as the two-way binding. It is an amazing feature to be a part of a JavaScript framework. What it basically does is, when any change is made to either to model or the view it will reflect in the other. The ng-model directive is used in angular to bind both model and view. Having expertise in this field, Digihashtag makes use of this feature to ensure that your website is perfectly compiled and smoothly running for gaining more customers.

  • Templates

    View with the elements of HTML linked to the Directives is known as a template. It is used to create the UI of the application easier. So Digihashtag will help you create a smooth UI for your website.

  • Universa

    Angularjs can be utilized to optimize websites for SEO, for instant rendering, use .NET, PHP and other servers for the first view of the application. This feature allows Digihashtag with highly optimized websites for SEO.

  • Animation

    Angular API lets you create animation and complex choreographies with a very small amount of code. This makes the API intuitive. That is the reason the websites designed by Digihashtag have great animation and choreographies as per your requirement.

  • Integrated Development Environment

    Using the popular editors and Integrated Development Environments get quick code completion, instant errors, and other feedbacks.

  • Injectable

    AngularJS allows the developer, with the dependency injection, to describe the wiring of the application. IT also allows the component to be replaced easily if it doesn’t fit the requirements. Digihashtag will fulfil all of the client requirements, which makes it another reason to choose Digihashtag.


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