A Guide To International Shipping

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A Guide To International Shipping

The world is today connected in more ways than more. The advent of the digital space has combined with globalisation in order to truly create a global market for customers everywhere. Are you looking to expand your ecommerce store to international waters? If you have been considering international shipping as the next step in building your retail empire, then there are some things you need to know. Here are a few tips and strategies that you need to keep in mind before taking that next big step.

Research about the country you are shipping 

A thorough investigation and research into every country’s rules and regulations when it comes to international shipping is the first step for anyone looking to expand their ecommerce business abroad. See which countries prohibit which items, and which countries may prove to be a successful market for your product. It is imperative that you analyse the country’s market trends as well as shipping and trade laws to ensure that you maximise your profits when shipping abroad. 

Provide a lot of different delivery options

When it comes to international shipping, the time taken for products to deliver sometimes becomes one of the key deciding factors in whether a customer goes through with a purchase or not. Other times, the cost factors in as well and becomes an added disadvantage. Different customers will be looking for different things- some might want cheap delivery costs and are comfortable with longer delivery times, while others would be willing to pay a bit more in exchange for immediate delivery. In order to make sure you don’t lose out on either, provide a lot of different delivery options which cater to everyone. 

Find multiple carriers

An efficient way of lowering costs is by making it competitive. Find multiple carriers which are willing to deliver the same product, and list all of them with their respective charges and delivery times on your website in order to give your customers complete freedom in choosing the option which suits them best. Research different carriers, and select the best ones based on their delivery times, insurance options, tracking mechanisms and overall ratings. 

Pay attention to your packaging 

Packaging is one of the most important players when it comes to international shipping, and also one which is often ignored. You need to make sure that you provide packaging for your products which is safe, secure, and also space effective so that you maximise your products and the boxes they are sent in. Make sure you invest in good quality packaging which does not disintegrate over long distance shipping processes, and that you recover the cost of this good quality packaging in your product price. 

Provide your customers with Tracking and Insurance options

In today’s day and age, virtually all good quality ecommerce brands provide tracking and insurance services when shipping goods. Most carrier services will provide tracking options, and you can simply partner with one which has an efficient system. Insurance too is extremely vital when it comes to international shipping as the chances of goods getting damaged or going missing is much higher than domestic shipping. Providing services like these will only build trust in your brand and empower people to invest in your products even though they are from another country. 

International shipping may sound simple, but there are quite a few logistics that go behind it actually coming to fruition. Keep these simple tips in mind, and your journey to foreign waters will be efficient and successful! 

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