7 Emerging Technologies

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Love to watch fiction movies? In a mood of reading fictitious invention? Then I have some interesting news to give. Science and technology is advancing so much that all your dreams of fiction is going to be true! Even you have seen how they have transformed fiction into daily components in the past decades. But there are more to come! These breakthroughs are challenging our lifestyle which is making us too fast in the world. So some of these breakthroughs are as which is going to emerge in the next 7 years are as follows: 

  1. Array of Things (AoT): The array of things is an associative effort. It combines the top scientists, universities, local government and communities that collect the real-time data of the urban environment and infrastructure. It also includes the activities for research and for public use. It is a Chicago based project that goals to map the entire city and provide data like noise, temperature and so on. It is a very helpful use as it detects natural and man-made challenges like floods or traffic congestion before-hand. In May array of things, the ‘fitness tracker of the city’ marked its 100th node in Chicago. 
  2. Swarm Robotics: Swarm robotics is a collaboration of multiple simple physical robots in a system at a huge amount. It behaves through two types of interactions- interaction between the robots and interaction of the robots with the environment. It took into account the swarm behaviour that led to the emergence of artificial swarm intelligence and also studies the biological aspects like insects, ants and other organisms. Swarm robotics are applied on UAV controlling, post-disaster relief, geological survey, military applications, cooperative transportation and mining.
  3.  Hyperloop: A joint team of Tesla and SpaceX proposed a method of freight transportation that opens up to an open-source vac-train design. In other words, it is a revolution to the industry of transportation. Where it takes maybe 14 hours to travel a distance, this hyperloop can make it in 50 minutes just. 
  4. LIFI: Li-fi or light fidelity does not use the RF signals but the visible light for transmission. This makes the transmission more focused and concentrated which makes it faster than Wi-fi. Li-fi is a safety private mode for the users as the lights cannot be transmitted through the walls. It communicates through light emitting diodes (LEDs). It allows for simple small transceiver that enables any LED light to transmit high speed data.  To know more about LiFi – https://digihashtag.com/lifi-technology/
  5. Radarcat: It is a technology that uses the Soli which is a Google project. It helps in recognising objects and has a wide range of uses like it can help a blind and also replace the barcode. It is an invention for the industrial automation sector that gives them a varied range of opportunities. It senses through the minute radar and detects the touch less gestures. 
  6. Autonomous Car: This is a huge innovation for the car industry where there will be no driver driving the car. It uses technologies such as the computer vision and GPS. This creates an artificial intelligence which helps in navigating and driving without a driver. 
  7. 3D Painting: Starting from architectural marvels to artificial organ 3D painting is indeed an unique creation. It has a wide range of applications that allows you to create your mind. It uses materials such as ABS plastic, PLA, polyamide (nylon), stereolithography materials (epoxy resins), wax, poly carbonate, photo polymers, glass filled polyamide, titanium and silver. 

Therefore you can see how from different sectors people are coming up with new innovations that are making the human kind as fast as possible. Even there is an upcoming bio technology which is the bionic hand that works with the signal of the brain just “in the living skin”. Also in the architecture sector take the revolving tower of Dubai which is not only a notion of extravagance but a brilliant innovation which lets you view the world with practical applications. So you can see we have a lot to take in from the science and technology of the existing world. So pull up your socks and set back calmly to experiences these beastly upcoming innovations.